Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A new happy life

Hallo! I'm back! :)
How are you?
I'm really happy to be ready again to write a blog post and connect myself to all my friends in the net.
I'm writing on my kitchen table in our new home. Outside it's very hot today (probably around 38° C); sun is burning and all is dry. But we are so lucky to have a fresh home: it is near the country and a fresh wind comes from the fields. So sitting here by the pc is lovely!
In this photo you can see the sight from our balcony on the back (second floor); I sit here late in the evening to read.

Here are some news about my new life in Sicily:
- I had no time to feel bored during this first week here: our sweet home needs everything!
Can you imagine how difficult is living here without a washing machine, iron, tv, wardrobe? Difficult, but romantic :)
We only have a complete kitchen, two bathrooms and some old beds a friend gave us.
We make something everyday to give life to our home and now, after a week, the situation starts to be normal.
- I start all my days with a fresh orange juice made of fruits my boyfriend grows in his orange trees garden. Yes, some kinds of orange trees gives fruits in summer, too. Our fridge is full of this delicious fruits and lemons. And we have a little vase of basil, too.
- I'm spending my days cleaning the home, eating fantastic pizza (the yummy pizza you can find only here in the south of Italy, believe me), going to different stores to buy what we need for the home and visiting friends.
Well, S. is working, too! He has a job, of course!
- Vincenzo, the upholsterer who gave me old damask sheets, saved for me a big bag full of pattern books he doesn't use anymore in his shop. Oh my God! You can't imagine what I found in that bag: silk in bright colors, damask, clothes with modern patterns ... my personal wonderland!
They are so beautiful and big! I'll sew a lot of big bag for sure soon!
- I'm waiting for some craft-books I've ordered before moving. One is about amigurumi :)
I  have two crochet-hooks mum gave me, polyfill fibers and some recycled cotton to use. I'm ready to learn something new!
- I see everyday military airplanes in the sky above my home: they fly from Libia to the USA base of Sigonella, not far from our little city. And it's scary and sad. War is so close to us and we rarely think to this terrible situation.

At the end of this post I want to thank Francesca: she made for me a beautiful Etsy Treasury the day when I left my old home. The title is "A little fox going to the South". I've really appreciated it, it's in my heart!
And I want to thank all of the friend who sent me messages on my cell phone to support me in that teary moment of my life. All of you are special for me. All of you!

If you have questions about Sicily and my new life in this region, please, leave a comment, don't be shy!
Bye! :)

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  1. what an adventure! looking forward to more about your new home, & all the things you are going to make. welcome back.


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