Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy things for me

- New art supplies: a set of Staedtler watercolor pencils and some brushes I've tested in my moleskine watercolor journal.

- New things to drawn and paint on: little sea stones!

- Robins and other lovely birds I see in my garden while I'm having breakfast. I usually save crumbs and, early in the morning, scatter them in the garden: they come and have breakfast with me :)
(unfortunately they don't like to be photographed closely)

- Another fabric bracelet, quickly sold (thanks, Bi!)

- Chestnuts! S. and I went on a trip on Mount Etna last sunday and picked up 11 Kg (!!!) of yummy chestnuts. Gnam!

- Our new plants, given by generous friends: aloe and a gorgeous plant with velvet leaves (can you help me? I'm looking for the name of this plant)

- Photos my parents send me, like this astonishing flower blossomed from a tiny succulent plant in their garden.

1 comment:

  1. What an inspiring post!

    So forgive my ignorance - water color pencils AND brushes. There is something here I am missing! Not being an artist. So after laying down the color - I add a bit of water with a brush? I have purchased a set, but found them no different than pastel pencils. Now i am excited by what you mentioned above!

    And drawing on sea stones! OMG I have millions of these - just can not leave them lie when i find them as the smooth texture and oval shape enchant me. I love this idea. Pictures or designs are a better choice for me than words. Thank you so much!

    Your latest bracelet is beautiful. I can see why it sold so quickly! I think you have found one of your "passions!"


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