Saturday, 11 February 2012

A package from Linda, again!

Some days ago I received a second pack from Linda of StrangeWoodArt, after the first package I received with the price of the giveaway I won (the matrioshka ring, do you remember?).
Now I have something to adorn myself (the ring) and something to adorn my sewing room: she sent me some of her pieces of art I surely will display, because I love them.

They are small pieces about the tale "Little Red Riding Hood ", a story I'm particularly involved with (for some reasons I don't want to explain now).
Aren't they lovely? Three 'Thank you' cards and three ornaments in polimer clay for me! :)

I've already said that I love Linda's style and why.
Now I have to add a little thing: I like her work for her interest in tales, too! I've developed a fascination for old tales and their hidden meaning after reading "Women who run with the wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes a couple of years ago. And I'm happy that someone is working around them.
For example Linda is currently working around "Rapunzel": take a look here!
And if like Linda's art... I know that she is going to call another giveaway the next week. So don't forget to check her blog in these days!


  1. OHHH yes, they are so lovely!
    I love the tale of little red riding hood!

  2. And thank you again , Silvia!I'm happy you like this gift :-)

  3. Hello Silvia/Madame Renard, :-)
    I think it's the first time I'm posting here, not sure. But I found out about your blog via Pam.I remembered seing your handcarved Dala horse on Flickr and thought I should say a little "hello".
    I have the "Women who runs with wolves" book on my bookshelves. I started reading it some years ago but didn't finish it, unfortunately. (I don't really know why since it's really, really good! ) You remind me I need to finish this gem of a book.
    I'm also very interested in fairy tales and am doing more and more illustrations about them, lately.
    Oh, and I'm from italian descent from my mother's side. ^-^
    So we have many things in commun!
    Take care!

  4. Hello, Fanie! :)
    I'm so happy you came to visit my blog!
    I can't wait to see your illustration about fairy tales! :)


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