Sunday, 29 January 2012

I won Linda's giveaway! I won a matrioshka ring! Yay!

Look at the photo. I'm wearing a matrioshka ring, handpainted by Linda.
Isn't it adorable?
Lucky lucky girl, eh eh.
It came in a lovely envelope full of emerald sequins I saved for future projects :)

I've always loved Linda's work, her sense of color, the fairy style of her carachters, the elegance of her drawings.
She realizes lovely scuptures, generally ooak (one of a kind), painted with bright colors.
My favourites are the trees and the brooches with landscape, like this one.
If you want to know best Linda and her work, you can visit her shop and her blog (where you can find a lot of creative inspirations, like this album).
She often organizes giveaways... you can be the next winner!


  1. Silvia!!!!Ma grazie per questo bellissimo articolo!Sei davvero fantastica e ovviamente non posso che adorare le tua arte :-)
    Un bacio grande!

  2. You're a lucky girl :D

  3. You had to know I would fall in love with your new ring! Congratulations. What a pick-me-up during these dark winter days.


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