Friday, 27 January 2012

Books read during 2011

January is coming to the end and probably it's too late for "2011 rewiev posts". But someting stopped me at the beginning of january (probably holidays at my parents' home and my becoming a student again), so I'm starting to watch to 2011 and to plan 2012 now!
I surfed into my journal pages and I had a confirmation about something I've already noticed: in 2011 I read less than usual :(
The radical change in my daily routine, due to my move in the south and the start of a new life, has been decisive.

Animway, this is the list of the books I read in 2011...

- Clara and Mr. Tiffany, by Susan Vreeland
- The granny, by Brendan O'Carroll
- The great stink, by Clare Clarck
- Sense and sensibility, by Jane Austen (sooo boring!)
- A room for her own, by Virginia Woolf
- The sergent in the snow, by Mario Rigoni Stern (recommended!!!)
- Harry Potter 3
- Vaclav and Lena, by Harley Tanner
- The writing diet, by Julia Cameron

- The artist way, by Julia Cameron
- The complete idiot's guide to amigurumi", by June Gillbank
- Design-it-yourself clothes, by Cal Patch
- The bag making bible, by Lisa Lam
- Whatcha mean, what's a zine, by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd
- The Practical guide to patchwork By Elizabeth Hartman

I'm not totally satisfied by my 2011 readings. Less ficiont than usual and a lot of books abandoned before finishing them (not in the list).
This lists are very different from my 2010 list!
In 2012 I want to start again to read a lot (mainly good novels), as I've always done in my life.
I started with a book by Antonia S. Byatt and it's great! :)

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