Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Make a soft bunny with my pattern

Hallo, dear readers! How are you?
I'm ill, again -__-
Today I'm going to rest, stay away from books I'm studying and, if I'll have the right energy, dedicate myself to sewing (recently too much neglected).
And to my blog, of course :)

Tonight, while high temperature was disturbing my sleep, I thought to a pattern I designed almost two years ago. It's a simple pattern with written instructions to make an odd soft toy with long ears, similar to a bunny (but I don't know if it is a bunny or not), like these:

When I designed it, I wasn't a blogger, so I posted it only in my flickr album.
But tonight I decided to share it with you in this blog, too.
I'm not a skilled patterns writer, but I did my best to make it clear and simple. It's only a page to print and use.
Click on the following photo to enlarge it and print (A4 paper). Then cut the four pieces of the pattern and use thm to cut fabric and follow the instructions to sew your toy :)

With this pattern you'll obtain a 17 cm tall creature (ears included). You can enlarge it if you want a bigger bunny.
If you'll realize something with this pattern, please, write me a comment! I will be very happy to see other long-ears creatures!

This is the second post for the new tag "for you". Here you can find the first post. And, if you need some inspirations to make softies, you can take a look in my flickr album, under the tag softies.
Happy sewing!!!


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