Monday, 23 January 2012

Xmas holidays projects - part. 2: crocheted neckwarmer

In a previous post I wrote about a knitted neckwarmer I made during last Xmas holidays at my parents' home.
During those days I've experimented some crochet, too. AuntFran gave me some leftovers of yarn and I crocheted this neckwarmer to match with a new coat mum purchased for me as a gift.

I love when leftovers give so a harmonic result!
6 rows of grey, 6 rows of melange (grey + reddish pink), 6 rows of reddish pink... and so on.

I haven't finished it during the holidays, so I put it in my suitcase to work on the final rows at home.
After some rethinks I eventually decided to close it with three crocheted eyelets and three charcoal buttons.

I haven't worne this neckwarmer yet, though winter in Sicily is curiously cold this year! I wore a lot the coat, instead! So cozy and warm :)


  1. such a practical but colourful, cosy way to keep warm & brighten a winter day.

    1. Yes, I've choosen the reddish purple because I wanted a bright color to give light to grey :)

  2. What I especially love is that this piece almost looks at first glance as if it were woven!



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