Thursday, 19 January 2012

A crocheted coin purse

This is the first object I've made for the shop with the crocheted works my AuntFran realized for me during last Xmas holidays.
She crocheted the blue part, using a high quality cotton thread. I added the red flower (yes, I can crochet!), the lining and the zipper.

So here we have a lovely coin purse!
Well, of course it can be used not only for coins, but also for cards, little cell phones, jewelry and other little objects needing a safe home in our bag.

AuntFran made also:
- a smaller version of this purse (crocheted)
- the exterior part of a tote bag and its handles (in the same color, crocheted)
- the exterior part of a tote bag in dark camel (knitted)
All of these in... 7 days! She is soooo fast! *___*
I have a lot to do to list new items as soon as possible.

Recently I've also added some new items in my shop:
- Elizabeth the giraffe: here
- a moleskine case with a lot of colored dots: here
And I decided to present again two old objects:
- this camel pouch
- this moleskine case in yellow and brown

So, if you're in the mood for some handmade shopping, consider my shop :)


  1. You are really keeping busy and being productive Silvia! How lovely that you are collaborating to make pretty things to sell! Well done!

    take care, and happy new creative year!

  2. Beautiful little coin purse. I am so impressed with your ability to make so many items by hand.

    1. well, the best part has been made by my aunt! :P


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