Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Crocheting with red+grey yarn leftovers

I'm still at my parents' home.
S. is with me. We are having great time, relaxing with movies, meeting friends and enjoying family! :)
I'm crafting, too, of course!
Mum bought me a lovely grey coat, so I decided to realize a neck warmer in grey. I have my talented aunt (and knitting&crochet teacher) near me and with her help I've choosen some yarn from her leftovers and started a new project.

I love how it is coming out!
These leftovers make a very good mix of colors, I love it! :)

I'll post a photo of my neckwarmer when finished. It's a promise!
During these holidays I've also knitted a neckwarmer in brown, inspired by a pattern I saw in Ravelry. I'm writing a post about it, too!

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