Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crochet a dachshund pillow: a pattern from the past

Yesterday I was looking for some creative+vintage inspirations reading some old magazines pages mum saved and/or photocopied during 70s and 80s.

Suddendly, in a pile of doilis, borders and odd pullovers, this lovely dachshund came out :)
It's a crocheted pillow. The title says "Toy-pillows" (in red) and "the dachshund full-scale" (in black).
It's great, I love it!!!
So I decided to share it with you.
I've photographed this magazine's cut for you in two different ways: the detail of the finished project and the whole page with all the instructions you need: you can click both the photos to enlarge and save them.
Yes, I know, it's totally written in italian, and this won't help my not-italian readers. 
But I think you can easily copy it or be inspired to realize something similar. Please, don't ask me to translate it, because I'm not an expert of crochet patterns (difficult to understand for me even in italian).
I can't say which magazine published this project: mum cutted only this page and threw away the magazine. But the fonts are speaking to me; I'm sure I've seen them a lot when I was a child, probably this is a page of a magazine my mum often used to buy and read.

With this vintage project today I'm starting a new tag for my blog... "for you". I hope to offer regularly to my reader something you can download.
Probably other vintage projects like this one? Mum saved a lot (a lot!!!) of this magazines' cuts about crochet and knitting, but also patterns for dress making (from the 80s) and embroidery transferable patterns (from 70s and 80s) I can scanner and share with you. Are you interested?

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