Friday, 30 December 2011

Photos of 2011 (and ideas for best photography in 2012, too)

I like to take photos of... uhm, everything: my house, new objects, sewing projects, nature, little details of this and that. This late afternoon I've photographed this Xmas star: dad hangs it on the outer wall of our home every year and we have some funny family legends about it! :)

I'm interesting in photography not only as art, but also as my favourite way to capture my daily life. I save in my pc all my photos, religiously ordered by year and month: I have a folder called "2011" and inside it other twelve folders, one for each month of the year. Only two days and I'll open a new folder called "2012" and inside it one called "January"... a new photographic year is starting! :)

I'm happy that my photography improved a bit this year. I decided to go over my fear of darkness and artificial light and I started to photograph the moondark rooms, lighted Xmas trees and other things like the Xmas star at the top of this post.
And thanks to this course I've learned useful tricks!

I have started also a Flickr set this year, called "My life in 2011": today I've looked through these photos and retrace all the year. Great! Thanks to this photos I've remembered things destined to be forgotten. And the year, saved in a lot of different moments and details, seemed to me not so short as it seemed to me before.
But I've noticed a negative thing: I rarely take photos of people and even of me. So I've set two little resolutions for the new year:
- take photos of people (go over the shyness, girl!)
- take a photo of yourself every week of the year
What do you think?

And now... my favourite 2011 photos:

[ my favourite sewing project of the year - Milan - Valentine's wild flowers - the moon over Mount Etna - Christmas night at the pub ]

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  1. When i visited your flickr photos what i saw - a woman who is in love with life!

    I have gotten so lazy with my photography - reserving it for only blog posts and weddings. You have inspired me to get out and take pictures again!

    I love this set of your favorites. You should be very proud of them.

    It is always good to learn good technique, but you are ahead of most because you already have a good eye.


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