Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy 1st birthday to my blog!

I started to wrote this blog 1 year ago! Happy birthday, my young blog! :)
Here the first post.
I was so scared about writing in english and not in italian, but I really wanted to connect my self to the world.
Right decision! My english (though it's still not perfect, I know) sensibly improved and I've also met a lot of people in the world.
Do you remember?
I've been interwieved by Carina, Fernanda and Alice.
I gave my little contribute to Dala Horse craft-a-long with my stamp.
I wrote a post for Pam about italian celebrations of Santa Lucia's feast.
I had a lot of fun and met lovely people :)

Today I'm surfing through my blog's stats and this is what I see:
- I wrote 142 posts... a post every 2/3 days! Great :)
- June and december a lot of visitors came to visit me (around 1300-1400)
- The most popular posts are this one about moleskine journals and this about mum's handmade nativities (probably because recently Pam wrote about them in her blog)
- My readers generally come from Italy and USA, but also from a lot of european countries, Russia, Pakistan, India, Brasil and Australia. OMG!
- Only 27 people are my followers. This make me a bit sad, so, if you want, you can become my follower; it will be a lovely birthday gift for my blog :)

This year has been great!


  1. Buon compleanno al blog...e tanti complimenti tutti per te!
    Un abbraccio ^_^

  2. ... and you've hosted the first giveaway in the history of my blog!!

    Happy birthday lovely blog, and congratulations sweet Uva! :*

  3. happy birthday! & happy new year too!!!

  4. happy birthday! & happy new year too!!!

  5. ACK! I missed your blog birthday! So much intense blogging throughout November and December i just HAD to take a break - but I hate that I am now so late in wishing you a Happy First Blog Birthday.

    I am so glad you decided to meet the challenge on writing your blog because i have very much enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to following your adventures in 2012!

    Happy First Blog Birthday and many, many more!


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