Monday, 26 December 2011

Two small handmade Christmas trees

Ouch, I'm sick!
I have a high temperature and a stomachache. This is not what I've planned for my holidays, unfortunately. I want to do a lot of funny things with people I love, so I hope to restore soon. Fingers crossed for me!
I'm trying to stay not-on-the-sofa right now, so I decided to write a post about two small handmade Christmas trees I've seen in these days.

One has been made by my friend Lory as a Xmas gift. She knew we haven't purchased a real tree yet, so she realized one for us. I love this kind of gift, Lory has been so kind and loving!

And the tree is beautiful! It's a paper cone covered with traditional italian ornaments. It's enlightening my kitchen table now!

The second tree is by mum: a simple paper cone with a chain of multicolored and flashing lights rolled around.

Simple choices work well, sometimes! :)

This evening I had to see my friends, but my illness stopped me at home -__-
I'm going to sip a hot herbal tea and read some pages of my new book. Or knit a row or two of my new project, started today with AuntFran.


  1. hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Quello rosso e' molto carino!
    Spero che tu sriam molto meglio. Un grosso in bocca al lupo!


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