Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Unconventional crochet ideas

I've been captured by crochet, lately. Probably you have already noticed.
I discovered that I like this craft activity, more than knitting.
And this surprised me a bit. I've always considered crochet an "old lady hobby", great to make doilies, collars and similar things, but nothing interesting for a young lady (me!).
But recently I changed my mind. All started with amigurumis' making, last summer, and my interest in crochet is going on.

What I like best in crochet? Well, you can carry with you (even in the small space of your bag) a little hook, a yarn ball and make things wherever you are :)
And you can use crochet for small projects and finish some yarn leftovers.

Recently I saw in lovely blogs some great crochet ideas. They are unconventional, amazing for a "modern approach" to this craft; and they are small and fast projects, ideal for leftovers.
I'm going to try something soon.
But now I want to share them with you.

I'm in love with the idea of adding crocheted frames to paper, like Meredith did:

And I like her mini bows, too!

Mini buntings by Lucy are so lovely! And also her (great!) idea to recycle food bowls and cover them with crochet to make coloured vases!

And this frog? So cute!

I'm also considering the idea of making some crocheted jewels, like Lucia:

Please, share with in the comments me other "modern and easy" crochet ideas! I need them! :)


  1. Adoro adattare una tecnica antica come l'uncinetto a forme moderne e divertenti !!!!
    Brava !!! mi piace quello che hai scelto e sono onoratissima di essere qui :)))
    Grazie mille !!!

  2. Great finds!!!!Adorabili!!!

  3. I am doing a giveaway and was wonderign if you want to giveseomthing. Answer on my blgo by the 4th!

  4. The frog is sooo cute and funny! :D

    Cara, un piccolo premio per te! Spero ti faccia piacere! :)

  5. Oh Silvia I wish i had some new amazing crochet project to share with you but I am just beginning to learn to crochet! So about all i can share is the project that lit a fire under me to learn!


    I am completely in love with these!

    AND your frog! Make him!

  6. Some very nice shares! Crochet is one of my favourite crafts!


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