Friday, 24 February 2012

I made other patchwork bracelets. And something about me.

A busy week!
I had no time for big craft projects, but I intensively felt the need to create something. So I dedicated myself to some patchwork wrap bracelets: easy and fast to make, funny, colorful. Great satisfaction in a bite of time!
Bracelets making can become a bit addictive. Yes.
I have so many fabric scraps to use, so lovely, that I can't resist! And if you are a crafter I'm sure you understand me!

The patchwork bracelets I made are:
- two with flowers for a friend who ordered them from me (she picked some fabrics thanks to some photos - here, here and here - and the charms, too! 100% personalized!)

- one for the shop, beacause it became empty of bracelets last sunday after selling this and this. It's a romantic pink&white bracelet with roses;  charms are a crown, a little hand with the word "handmade" and a dragonfly. Not in the shop yet, but I think I'll have the time to list it today.


Let me add something not-bracelets-related.
It's a sunny morning, after two terrible days of rain (with flooding and blocked roads). I'm so happy! Washing machine is working hard this morning and I'm going to clean the house and let the sun come in! :)
In these days I felt a special desire to drawing. I don't know why, it's the first time for me that I feel it in a so strong way. Probably I have something to say and express with drawings. But I had the time only to make two of my faux postage stamps :(
Last sunday I started the day in a very special way: I read the blog post Pam wrote about me! Me! I'm so honoured! Pam's appreciation fills my heart with joy! Thank you, Pam!!! You are a lovely person and I hope you'll permit me to call you "my friend Pam", though we haven't known in person yet.


  1. I really like the one in the third photo! BTW, your faux stamps are handsome!

  2. The bracelets are just beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!

    AND OMG Thank you for your sweet words regarding the "thank you" post featuring YOU!

    Of course I will permit you to call me "friend" I have considered us as friends for some time already!!!

    I am so very gl;ad we met! Online is better than never!


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