Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Drawing faux postage stamps for a postal office in the woods :)

I've done something funny during the weekend.
Funny and challenging in the way I like.
I've drawn 22 faux postage stamps in black&white, filling two pages of my moleskine journal (pochet size).

I started without a precise intention. I was waiting for my boyfriend in the car, last saturday: empty and boring time I decide to fill with some drawing.
I drew a stamp. I found it funny and I drew a second stamp. And a third.
The thing became addictive and soon a funny idea knocked to my brain: designing a lot of postage stamps for MadameRenard's post office.
I'm 34 years old, but I still like to play :)

I gave a title to all of the stamps I've drawn.

1- my main passions (sewing, books, childish things)
2- stylized sewing tools (pins, bottons, tape measure)
3- italian landscape
4- flowers under the rain (inspired to my batiq n.5)
5- a fox contemplating the sunset
6- leaves and fruits
7- white fox
8- creative tools (pencil, scissors, brush)
9- bread on the kitchen table

10- yummy fruits for a fog
11- abstract
12- dragonfly
13- italian village in summer
14- geometric black&white
15- happy fox
16- a passion for softies
17- clothes drying in the wind
18- footmarks
19- stylized book spines
20- a fox in love for a new dress
21- snow
22- dawn on italian Alpes

All of these stamps have something to say about my world, my passions, my being italian, my totem (the fox).
I've tried to play with different subjects, shapes and styles, giving attention to every little detail.
I've noticed that working on small scale is a good thing for me and, though drawing in a rectangular frame is usual, I really like to work into squares (am I ready for inchies?).
I'm so happy when a creative practice teach me something about me and shows other creative ways to walk.

My boyfriend has been really impressed by these two pages. His favourite stamps are n. 3 ,5, 15.
Please, write a comment and indicate your favourite stamps! I need to know it! :)

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  1. I couldn't choose just one, I love them all. Wish they were available for download. TFS x


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