Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Linen embroidered bed sheets from the past

Hallo everybody!
It's raining a lot out there, I have a pile of sewing projects to work on, but my mind is a bit confused now, I can't decide where to start.
So I'm cleaning my thoughts with some drawing (I'm working on two black&white journal pages I want to show you soon), reorganinzing/washing my new fabrics (amazing floral brocade in different colors, given to me as a gift) and spending some minutes with my little blog.

This post is the third of the "antique embroidered treasures" series (do you remember my previous posts about an antique towel with my initials and two red embroidered towels?).
I have other two vintage embroidered clothes to show you, today. Two linen bed sheets, one has a light blue + white embroidery, one has white.

Mum couldn't help me, this time, and I can't say exactly when these sheets have been embroidered. We only know that a member of my family made them, probably around 1950-1960.
Can you see the light blue drawing under the embroidery?
I love these details, they are a clear mark of their "being handmade". I'm imagining the woman who traced the pattern and then embroidered them :)


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