Thursday, 22 September 2011

Red embroidery on two towels (one modern, one antique)

Yesterday I wrote a post about an embroidered antique towel with my initials I brought from my parents' home to my new home in Sicily.
Other precious things travelled with it in my suitcases and I'm going to show all of them: today it's time to speak about two embroidered (cross stitch) towels.

Yes, again!
And embroidered initials again! :P

V.V. are the initials of my grandpa (mum's dad). It isn't still with us, he died during 1989. I'm happy to have something that will help me to remember him everyday.
This towel has been embroidered by his sister, before he married my lovely grandma (1948).
I have a 63 years old towel (unused) in my kitchen and it has my grandfather's initials. It makes me smile and feel a bit melancholy.

The second towel I want to show you is modern. But it's lovely and hand-stitched, so it's a precious thing for me.

My aunt (85 years old this year!) embroidered it and gave it to my mum as a Christmas gift some years ago. And now it's mine!
I love that red squirrel! :)
I took a close photo of this detail: if you like cross-stitch embroidery, you can probably obtain a pattern from the photo and use it for your works.


  1. Molto carino!
    In effetti in disegnino dello scoiattolo e' davvero grazioso, mi sa che te lo copio :-)

  2. Che belli questi tesori sei molto fortunata:-D!!!


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