Thursday, 29 September 2011

'A pillow in a box' is finished! (patchwork pillowcase n.2)

Do you remeber my "pillow in a box"?
I started to work on it last may and I've finished it... yesterday!
I really don't know why I've let the whole summer go on without finishing it, but it happened. Well, it's not a problem: it's finished, I like it, S. likes it... this matters to me! :)

I made the front by sewing four stripes of recycled linen (from dad's old clothes) to a central panel of hand-sewn exagons (realized with paper piecing tecnique).
The back is a square of new dark brown cotton fabric.
The pillowcase is closed by a brown zip.

The exagons are made both of new and recycled/vintage fabrics, as usual (totally my style).
In details:
- light beige ---> recycled linen (same fabric of the frame)
- aqua ---> recycled (from an auntFran's dress)
- light beige with flowers ---> vintage fabric I turned into a Barbie's skirt when I was a child and now I turned into three exagons (funny!)
- dark brown ---> recycled (mum's skirt)
- geometric pattern in brown/white/green ---> vintage
- other fabrics: new, bought on line in small scraps (they were so beautiful and so cheap!)

I've added in a corner a lovely charm with the word "handmade" I bought here (together with a lot of other charms I'll use in some projects in the future). I love this detail! I'll add this little charm on all the things I made for my home.

I'm going to embroider on the back also a little "2011"; I want to leave a clear and exact reminder to the period when I've made something for my home. I think it's a good idea.

If you like 'patchwork pillowcase n.2'... here you can find 'patchwork pillowcase n.1". My favourite is n.2 :)

Next patchwork projects? Maybe a table runner for my kitchen.
I'm designing it in these days, I'll probably try 'log cabin' blocks.


  1. Bellissimo!!! bella la scelta delle stoffe e mi piacciono un sacco anche le cuciture!! sei proprio brava! :*

  2. love the colour combination. attention to detail makes all the difference!

  3. Beautiful!

    You have a really great eye for color and what goes well with what. That is exactly why this pillow is so lovely.

    Don't you just love working with hexies?


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