Sunday, 26 February 2012

Imaginary worlds

In my last post I wrote about the strong need to drawing I was feeling during the week, without having the time to satisfy it.
Well, yesterday something changed. My fiancè had a high temperature and all our projects for the weekend stopped. While sitting near S. in bed to help him, I decided to draw.
I had no idea about what to draw. I simply started coloring three pages in my moleskine watercolor journal with watercolor pencils. Then I started to work, following what my imagination was suggesting me, line after line.
I worked on two pages: I realized two landscapes of imaginary worlds.

This is the first one, before...

... and after!

An imaginary world where you can find a lot of my favourite things: birds, clouds, flowers, butterflies&dragonflies, funny animals like sheeps and rabbits, water, the moon and buildings with strange roofs.

I like how some parts came out.
I'm particularly proud of the sheeps:

And the moon, too!

After this landscape I made the second one (I'll write a post about it tomorrow), but I was too tired to finish also the third page I had prepared.

After about two hours of intense and meticolous drawing I experimented a strange and positive sensation: my brain was lighter.
I feel like I've opened the windows of my brain and, drawing, moved away dirty thoughts to enter clean air!
It's something I haven't experimented before. I'm understanding that I probably need to express myself with drawings more than I've imagined in the past.
Drawing probably is not only a funny activity, but a healthy practice for my brain and soul.
Can you understand me? Did you feel something like this practicing art?


  1. ...questo primo è strabiliante, aspettiamo il secondo!

  2. You're very good at drawing, Silvia. :D I really love your attention to details. Thoses little sheeps are sooo cute.

    I guess drawing can sometimes be a little bit like meditation. Especially in the parts where there is a repetitive motion like coloring or inking. So, no, it is not unusual at all. :) Personnally, it happens to me when I do repetitive actions that doesn't require me to think too much. I love it when I'm in this "space". :)

  3. Elettrarossa, grazie!
    sono molto felice che tu venga a trovarmi così speddo :D

    Fanie... thank you! You gave me the right word for what I feel when I draw this kind of things: meditation!
    Yes, probably I feel better after a long session of meticolous drawing because it's meditative! :)

  4. I am happy to hear that you have found this activity AND that it is proving to be one that offers you meditation and rejuvenation!

    Drawing is a part of it, this is true. But what I believe is the key is that you have simply opened the door and begun your journey on the page with no preconceived ideas or expectations for the end result. It is this state of completely letting go and following your inner muse that is the meditation.

    Your drawing experience is quite similar to what i experience while making my "tangles" in my new journal. Very clensing and refreshing.

  5. yes, Pam :)
    You really understand me, as usual!


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