Saturday, 18 February 2012

Good morning, Mr Robin!

Sometimes in the morning S. and I like to spread some bread crumbs on the external floor out of the kitchen.
We try to feed the birds in this cold (even in Siciliy!) winter and we love watching them when they come to eat! :)
There is a robin particularly brave in these days (though robins have been a bit shy in autumn). He jigs fearless near our kitchen door.

 Then, after some scouting, he starts to eat :)

Good morning, mr Robin!
Thank you for visiting our garden and for making our breakfast so funny! :)
And, of course, enjoy your meal!


  1. The brave robin is simply amazing! I'd love to meet one (so close), here they are very shy indeed!

  2. Elettrarossa, why don't you start to feed them?
    Robins are brave birds! When they notice you don't want to importune them, but only be a friend, they come back, closer and closer! Believe me! :)


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