Monday, 6 February 2012

A big shop update

I'm not only focused on books in these days. I've also found some time to sew (and bake cakes, and have a new haircut and other funny things).
I made something new for the shop and I'm happy to see its refreshed look :)

The first object I wanto to show you is a moleskine cover:

This is the first cover I've made for a regular moleskine notebook and not for pocket size (if we don't consider the covers I made for two moleskine weekly planners - similar dimensions - I made for Alice and Irene last year).
For this cover I used a lovely dottet navy fabric and I mixed it with a funny fabric with cherubs. I usually avoid mixing two different prints in this kind of works, but I made an exception because I really like how they look romantic together.

You can find more informations in the shop.

Last friday I started to use some of the fabric samples I received from my brother's girlfriend. I worked with a precutted fabric with tulle inserts: the result is a couple of flower brooches.
One is violet:

And one is orange:

I don't know if making brooches is a good idea; I haven't sold yet the firts two I made (the fish and the heart). But I like them! They are easy and fast to make and are cheap (7$, €5,50). Probably someone will purchase them for spring! :)
The important thing about them is that I had a lot of fun in the making!

Last saturday I've tested a new pattern by Ithinksew (Roxanna clutch) I've purchased around Xmas.
It's so easy to follow! I think it's a perfect pattern for beginner of bags making: in some simple steps you'll have a charming little bag.
I made it with some leftovers of a strong upholstery fabric in rust and gold (mixed to a brown cotton lining).

I like the little detail of the vintage button (decorative, the bag is closed by a metallic snap). If you like it, well, it's here!

A lot of sewing last week!
And shop updating is not finished. I'm working on some new fabric wrap bracelets (patchwork, pastel colors and little flowers... I'm in a romantic mood). Soon in the shop! :)

What do you think about these new objects in the shop? What do you like best? The bag, the brooches or the moleskine covers?


  1. the brooches.....just a little bit of colour will add pizzaz to an outfit!!


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