Friday, 14 January 2011

Moleskine covers for special friends

I really like moleskine notebooks and planners (and I'm not the only one on the world, I know) and making cases and cover for them, too!
I designed these objecst by myself and I'm experimenting different solutions to make them in the best way.
I opened 2011 with two special requests by two girls (Irene and Alice): they both needed a cover for their moleskine planner (the weekly edition, that is cm 21 x 13).
Today I'm showing you the one I made for Alice.
In this period she is in love with victorian age, english books of the 19th century and romanticism; we worked together to make a cover inspired by these subjects.
Alice choosed a brown fabric with flowers and funny birds and I matched it with a chocolate velvet and a salmon fabric with micro-flowers.
This is the result:

As you can see in the photos, it is closed with a metallic snap. There's also a place for a pen (a strong elastic holds it).
What do you think about it? Is it enough "modern victorian"?

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