Thursday, 13 January 2011

Red leaf

I found the time to carving a rubber stamp at last!
I bought the right tool during a trip in the italian city of Piacenza last week, a carving knife with replaceable blades (I decided to buy two of them in different sizes, n.1 and n.3).

Today I tested it on a common pencil rubber. I'm obsessed with nature, so I decided to realize a leaf (a simple drawing because it was my first attempt with this tool).
I'm very happy with the result, but also with the process: this knife makes a great job! Using it is simple and gives a natural look to the stamp (for my previous experiments I used a cutter, but I got only stylized and rigid outlines with it!).
Now I'm looking for sheets of linoleum or big rubbers to work with; I want to make complex subjects!

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