Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Crafty 2010 - Part 3: Sewing

Looking back in my creative 2010 I notice that I really sewed a lot!
Nothing strange, sewing is my favourite crafty activity. But I'm a bit surprised by the different kinds of objects I realized. 2010 has been a year full of experiments (with good results, too)!

I'll try to sum up my sewing in the list below.

- I went on recycling old materials and fabrics
- I restored two vintage chanel bag (they have serious damages in the lining) for a friend
- I worked with my aunt for some "crochet+sewing bags" like this in silver and this in antique white
- I realized some shoppers from old fabrics
- I really liked the "buttercup bag pattern" by Rae and I realized three bags with it (this is my favourite). I bought also the pattern for Rae's "bonsai bag", but I haven't experimented it yet.
- only one messenger bag, for a special friend
- I realized a lot of wrislets and a few shoulder bags.

I designed and realized three kinds of covers for my beloved moleskine notebooks: the first one is for the pocket size (my favourite for daily writing), the second for cahiers, the third for weekly planners

Kimono room shoes are really appreciated by etsians.
I bought the pattern from an Etsy shop called "sewingwithtime" and realized four pairs of slippers (I sold three, yeah!). Buyers always leave me amazing feedbacks about them, I'm really happy about it!
I bought also a pattern for another kind of beautiful slippers (from winterpeach etsy shop) and I experimented it: it works great and I'm going to offer some new slippers in my shop soon!

Making softies has been a novelty for me. I started in june, after reading the book "A creative year" by Hanna Andersson, and now I'm addicted. I really love sewing these funny and soft creatures!
I experimented some patterns:
- Mr Seahorse by Lia
- Turtles from the book "Bend-the-rules Sewing" by Amy Karol
- Birds by Spoolsewing
- Bunnies by Betz White
I also designed two patterns, one is for simple bears and one for odd creatures with long ears (I can find it here, if you want to try).

- I joined the "Travelling stashbusters" group (great idea, Petchy!): in december I received the kit and realized some objects for me (a softie, two coaster, a fabric patchwork basket, a moleskine cover for my new notebook)
- In summer I became a little mad for exagons, but later I stopped :P
- I made two bike baskets (in 2011 I want to work on this idea to make other accessories for bikers)
- I had fun with some beach clothing from the 70s (my friend Alice found them in her granny's home): I upcycled two of them in wallets with bright colors (and sold both in a few days).

I tried to sum up my sewing adventures in this mosaic. Do you like it?


  1. Wow, that is quite a lot of things you've created in one year. Your softies are so cute I am glad my book inspired you to make some, the pink teddy bear is my favorite! Oh, and the messenger bag, awesome!

  2. Thank you, Hanna, for your suggestions!
    Your book is always with me. I often re-read it when I need some ispiration :)


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