Monday, 3 January 2011

New year's eve: a message in a bottle :)

Happy new year!!!
I hope you are enjoying your firts 2011's days. I am, though my love (S.) is ill and we are doing nothing special. But, hey, we are together :)
I want to show you what I found at midnight of 31s december... We uncorked a bottle of wine to say hallo to the new year and I noticed that at the bottom of the cork there was a word: TALENTO (the italian word for "talent", as you can imagine).
It seems to me a sort of message for my 2011. Well, ok, universe, I'm accepting your suggestion: in this new year I'll do my best to nurture my talents!
And I know what this means to me: I'll have to pass over the fear to show them and to be not good enough.

2011 started with a good piece of news for me: I am the happy winner of a 20$ gift voucher of Katie's shop!!! I'm really a lucky girl!
I'm thinking to spend it for a subscription to her lovely zine :)

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