Friday, 16 December 2011

Which color autumn is? Watercolors in my moleskine :)

Sometimes I draw and paint, too!
Though my creative life is mostly absorbed by sewing and related things, you know, I like to draw. I usually fill my moleskine journals with black&white sketches, but sometimes I add colors, expecially when I make art on my moleskine watercolor journal, where I usually color my drawing with watercolor pencils.
I spent some autumn evenings on it, working on a (probably too much traditional, or too much odd, I don't know) page:

It's a page dedicated to some gifts autumn gives us.
Colored gift. I drew fruits and other vegetables that, day after day, came into my home, often given by friends and relatives that have grown them in their garden or picked up in wild nature around us.
Beside each fruit I wrote its italian name with the same black ink I've used for the contours and in the centre the sentence "Which color autumn is?".

Drawing and coloring this page made me reflect about how colors in nature are "seasonal". A lot of orange, yellow and brown in autumnal fruits! Probably they are the colors of this season. And spring? Pink like roses and red like strawberries and cherries! And winter? And summer?
I haven't thought to seasons in this way before working on this page and this is why I like drawing: it always teaches something about the things you are working around.

My favourite images are the apple and the white grapes, though they aren't my favourite fruits.
Now I want to work to other thematic pages, not necessarily dedicated to seasons. Why not a page about Christmas decorations? Or instruments I have at home (guitars, piano, harmonica, ukulele... my brother and I play a lot of instruments!)? Or vintage jewels?


  1. Belli, soprattutto i funghi! :D

  2. Ma che belli! Anch'io ogni tanto mi diletto con gli acquerelli, ma i miei risultati sono assai scarsi, mica belli come i tuoi! ;)
    Io sono di parte e voto per i gioielli vintage... ma anche gli strumenti musicale sarebbero belli da riprodurre!

  3. ooh, love the beautiful fruits and what you said about seasonal colors. it's nice when you discover new things that you haven't thought about before!


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