Thursday, 15 December 2011

Two Etsy shops I love

My list of favourite etsy shops is growing day aftert day. There are a lot of amazing places to shop there and when I look through my list I'm always inspired to create more, to try something different and, of course, to buy! :)

Today I want to write about two shops I love: SignoraLuna and AnnaRubyKing.

SIGNORALUNA is owned by Flavia, an italian woman who practices the ancient art of origami in a delicate and original way. She creates elegant home ornaments and jewelry, giving a new unexpected life to paper.

I'm in love this charming gold shell brooch:

Or with these stars, the perfect ornament for a delicate Christmas tree:

I know Flavia lives not far from me, in Sicily. I hope to meet her one of these days. I guess if she will have the patience to teach me something about her beautiful work :)

ANNARUBYKING lives in Greek, instead, but she's from Australia.
I love her drawings and all the objetcs she realizes with them! In her shop you can find jewelry, printed fabrics, gift cards, books to color, original artwork and more.
I like this shop for a lot of reasons. First of all I like her drawing style, those thin lines, those unconventional but beautiful colors... she creates a poetic world!
And I like her subjects! She draws nature and, you know, I really appreciate all is nature related.
But an important thing about this ship is that it's ecofriendly (read here to know more about this).
My favourite AnnaRubyKing's items are...

... this colouring book with a lovely title ("Natural curiosity"):

... and this lovely pin:

I wrote this post, because today Handmade-Love guerrilla day, a day dedicate to spread our love to handmade and creativity.
You can partecipate, if you want! :)
Follow the link to know the rules.
If you do, please, leave in the comments some links so I can fill my heart and my eyes with some handmade wonders.

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