Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Guest blogging about Santa Lucia

Yesterday has been Santa Lucia's day :)
I love this feast, celebrated in Italy in different ways.
For me it's a magic day! If you want to know why and learn something about italian tradition, you can read an article I wrote for Pam.
I'm so happy Pam gave me the opportunity to share our tradition with the world! Please, read Pam's article and let me know what you think about italian tradition!
Thank you Pam! :)
Writing this article filled my heart with "festive joy" and, honestly, with some homesickness, too. I really wanted to go to visit the outdoor market you can see in a photo in the post! It was one of my december traditions before my move to Sicily and for the first year in my life I can't. I missed the "Santa Lucia atmosphere" of my small village in he north.

But I'm not sad. I'm happy!
Yesterday I've celebrated this feast in the sicilian way; I've even eaten the traditional meal (cuccìa), prepared by my favourite sister-in-law. It was delicious :)
And, by mere coincidence, S. came home from work with a tray of buiscuits and chocolate (given from a co-worker as Christmas gift): it is so similar to the trays I used to receive for Santa Lucia that I exclamed: "Santa Lucia came in our house!" :)

Santa Lucia... a magic day for me, wherever I am :)

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