Monday, 12 December 2011

Jade green mocassins

Marie Antoinette mocassins had a great appreciaton on Etsy.
Nobody have purchased them yet, but a lot of people marked them as favourite giving hearts, included them in their treasury lists and wrote me how they are beautiful (thank you!!!).

So I decided to make another pair of these mocassins, using different fabrics.
Do you like them?

I really like the fabric I used: it's a big leftover of upholstery fabric in jade green (green is one of my favourite colors) with an interesting abstract pattern. It is similar to some patterns I often see on japanese textiles, but it hasn't strictly a japanese style, but an european look. And this makes this fabric so special.
And those cirlces... what are they representing? Suns? Fireworks?

A cotton brown lining and a sheet of foam in the sole make them very fresh and confortable. I made them in size 37 (european size), but I have enough fabric to make them in other sizes if someone is interested (write a message through Etsy or leave a comment). Design by sewingwithtime5.

These slippers are easy to sew, but I have a problem: they are designed for american sizes. I convert them in european sizes, but it isn't simple.
Knowing this problem, Lory (a member of Etsy Italia Team who runs a lovely shop called LunaBluandCo) sent me these silhouettes:

She has been so kind!
She has drawn them from shoes trees she has at home and cutted. For me :)
I've really appreciated her friendly gesture; I hope to return her favour in the future!

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