Sunday, 13 March 2011

Something I've made

Today I was surfing through my recent photos (february-march) to upload some of theme in my Flickr album and I had a nice surprise: I made a lot of sewing during these weeks and I didn't realized it!

I'm having busy days at work and I often struggle with the lack of time for all the craft activities I want to try. I always feel unproductive, but today my photos said that my sensation isn't true.
In the last 2-3 weeks I realized five bags (five!) and a moleskine cover in my free time.
I have undervalued the power of "fifteen minutes every day"! You can do so much if you apply yourself everyday, consistently, even if it's only for a handful of minutes!
Lesson learned :)

In the photo above you can say the moleskine cover I realized for a challenge in Etsy Italia Team blog (I think it will posted tomorrow, together with other 24 creations taking part to the contest). The theme was "flowers" and I decided to use a scrap of fabric with beautiful roses and match it with other stripes of cotton fabric (for the outside) and a sand linen (for the inside).

Talking about the five bags... I have already written about two of them, the two I realized with recycled upholstery fabric (here and here).
Let me show the new bags, too.

I've tested other two patterns by
1) nr. 135, Sophia: great pattern, simple but charming! I love the result and I've listed it in my shop. The fabric is one of my favourite!

2) nr. 39, Shoulder bag: it's really a simple bag to sew and the pattern is clear, as usual. But the result doesn't satisfied me at all. I'm not sure if I wanto to list it in my shop or not. Probably not.

In these days I've also made this pouch with a cute italian organic fabric; I received it from Manuela, the fashion designer who runs Retrò, an italian line of organic clothes.
Uhm, a lot of navy! I need to change the colors I use!

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