Thursday, 10 March 2011

150 years of Italy: discount and promotions from Etsy Italia Team!

On March 17th, 1861 the unification of Italy was declared.
My beautiful country is 150 years old! :)
But (I'm sure you agree with me) its culturale heritage has older roots, as you can clearly perceive by knowing our traditions, history, monuments and craft.
To explain myself better, let me quote some words of this Etsy Italy team blog post:
"We are here, united from North to South by a great past, a wonderful climate, a unique kind of vegetation and marvellous sceneries, by a common language rich in itself and also enriched by so many different dialectics, by a sunny and effervescent creativity in all fields, by a strong practical spirit and will to open up to others and, finally, by a huge cultural heritage."
Yes, I agree. Totally.

If you are italian (or you are not, but you love this country) and you want to celebrate Italy's birthday with me, follow Etsy Italia Team from today to 17/03. We are working on a lot of funny surprises!

Today I want to share with you one of them: a lot of shops are offering now (until 17/03) interesting promotions. By entering the coupon code "150ITALIA" you can get a discount, different from shop to shop.
I'm offering a discount of 20%.
You can search Etsy for the shops who joined the promotion by using the tag 150ITALIA.
You will recognize the buyers offering promotions by the Italian flag on avatars and banner!
The "advertising tone" of this post is a bit strange also for my ears, but I think these are interesting informations for those people who love purchasing handmade. Save some money and have unique handcrafted pieces at the same time... why not? :)

Etsy Italia Team is having a lot of fun also with a great treasury challenge about Italy. I don't take part in it (I'm too busy with my "real" job), but I love look at all these beautiful treasuries, because they speak about italian creativity in an unusual way.
Follow the link and enjoy! :)

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