Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crafty 2010 - part 5: Drawing and painting

When, in July, I read "The happiness project" I found particularly true an advice on having more fun; in her book Gretchen Rubin suggests to remember what made us happy when we were child and... do it now!

I've immediatly noticed that this was an excellent suggestion; I was experimenting it with drawing just in those days!
In july, in fact, I re-started to draw, because I wanted original illustrations for my zine about animals ('Forests of symbols', n. 1).

I made some works with a nib and black ink and I liked all of this activity: the whole process, the good smell of ink and paper, the sensation of give life to creatures that were in my mind... all!

And when I read Gretchen Rubin's words I remembered that, when I was a child, my favourite hobby (together with reading books) was drawing.
Probably the best gift I received in my childhood was a little "artist's suitecase": it was full of felt tip-pens, crayons, watercolors and temperas with brushes, charcoals, paper... I liked it so much!!! I spent a lot of afternoons with it.

Well, in 2010 I re-started to make this really happy (for me) activity.
After the black&white illustrations for my zine, I experimented with watercolor pencil on a moleskine watercolor notebook.

I made also a lot of drawings in my moleskine journal, changing radically my way to journal, that became more visual and less "wordy".
Probably the book "The creative license" by Danny Gregory helped me in this transition. It's really a good reading.

(This is the last post about my creative 2010. You can read the othe posts here: knitting, carvin stamps, sewing, making a zine)

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