Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Crafty 2010 - Part 1: knitting

In the last days of the year I like to make a balance of what I did and achieved. I often read in my journal what I wrote at the beginning of the year, when I usually draw up a list of desires and goals for the twelve months to come; I also go through my folders of photos: they help me to call to mind precious moments, activities, objects and important people in my life.

I decided to use this newborn blog with a similar purpose: I'm going to write some posts about my crafts in 2010; I hope this can help me to remember!

Let's start with knitting!
I'm not an expert knitter, I always need my aunt's advices when I start a new work (well, I often need her help even during the work and at the end). In august I decide to improve my skills in this art. I joined Ravelry, I picked up some old yarn from my mum's stash and started the striped work you can se in the first photo. My intentions were to felt it and make a zippered pouch, but I haven't done it yet.
Anyway, with the darker yarn (mixd with some leftovers of brown yarn) I started a new project in november: a pair of fingerless gloves for me. They are lovely and so warm!!!

I always feel the cold in winter, so I couldn't resist to make a scarf when I saw in my little village's fair a particular synthetic wool called "cocoon". I picked two balls in deep and light brown and I realized a scarf in two hours! It's not really warm, but it's soft and stylish! I love it. Nobody believes that I made it!

In a too-much-rainy day of holiday in november I knitted two cats, following this tutorial (in italian). Yes, always the same colors, I know!

Not too much knitting in 2010.
But I have a ot of ideas for 2011.
Today, after finishing a  beige neckwarmer for S. (my love), mum gave me, as a post-Christmas gift, ten balls of high quality italian wool in dark skyblue. I'm going to knit a sweater for me; it's a big project, but I'm thrilled about it!

And you? Any knitting projects to share with me?
Are you a Ravelry member?

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