Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hallo, I'm Madame Renard :)

It's winter time, not my favourite period of the year.
But I'm happy, because I have so many ideas and projecst in my mind right now! Starting this blog is one of these ideas and probably the most important of them.
I need to document my life and my rediscovery of creativity. It's part of a general purpose to express myself, my personality and my skills.
In this blog I want to talk about my craft activities (mostly sewing, but also knitting, carving stamps, and so on), my interest in writing and my passion for art, photography, nature and books.
Is it an exaggerated goal for me? Probably it is, but I like to think big!
This blog is also an attempt to improve my english (I'm italian). I'll do my best, but I'm not sure the text will be void of errors. Pardon me and feel free to write me for corrections or suggestions.
If you want to have an idea about what I do, you can look at my photos in my flickr album.

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