Saturday, 5 March 2016

Creativity lately - crocheted boookmarks (+ a book)

Yes, this blog is about creativity, too! 
Eco-friendly and nature-inspired most of the time.
But my creativity went a bit unheard lately, because of my two jobs and my need to grow as a tourist guide (my dream job, you know, not far from becoming reality).

Of course I missed the solo moments when I am in the very good company of my sewing machine, needles and thread (and/or zippers, buttons, metallic hardware, crochet hooks, yarn and much more).
So I tried to carve 10 minutes out of the day, here and there, expecially to finish started projects for the shop.

With mum's help I finished some crocheted bookmarks with charms (started during Christmas holidays!).
Aren't they lovely just because gift ideas?

This one in green with a horse is for S. (he loves horses!):

horse charm on handmade bookmark

It's super simple, because, hey, it's for a man! 
Only some rows of double stitch (not sure it's the correct name in english, sorry!) and a horse: it comes from a bracelet mum bought for 1 € some years ago; I saved the charm for my man waiting for the right project!

More complex and feminine crocheted bookmarks found their place in the shop. Here they are:

handmade bookmarks cheap gift idea

My favourite is the cream boookmark with a fish:

eco-friendly bookmark

It's 100% recycled and has that rustic + romantic look I love (perfect for my shop). 

There are also:

Because all my creations for the shop are nature oriented, I decided to add only charms with animals!
I had some doubts about the price but I thought that 7 € + shipping is good. What do you think?

Are you wondering about the book in the snapshots?
It's a lovely autobiography by Marc Chagall ("La mia vita" is its title in italian, "My life" in english). 
If you like this artist like me, this book is a very good reading to understand something else about him and his art. And it has amazing illustrations by the author himself (who else?).
Highly recommended!

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