Friday, 12 February 2016

Blog makeover! Oh, yes!

After my complaint I decided for a blog makeover!

Yes, I love tooooo much to have a special little space to write in, to share my adventures in self-expression, to tell the world something about my steps into the sewing world and my inclinations for nature, country life and creativity in general. 
I didn't like the idea to give up.

So I've rolled up my sleeves and started a very big work. 
A lot of things to change, a lot of aspects to consider and to re-think.

blog makeover ideas

This is what I've done
  • I've made a new banner by myself!
    I was still in love with the one Francesca made for me almost 5 years ago, but it wasn't representing me after some important steps done in my creative journey. 
    I'm not very skilled with graphic design, but I realized something I like with very simple tools: Picmonkey collage tool and Microsoft Word.
    Oh, yes. 
    The banner includes written words about the key subjects of this blog (eco-friendly sewing, rural life and creativity) and a selection of photos from my little word. 
    It speaks about me because it's simple.
  • I've re-organized the right column, also adding some useful things like a contact form and social media buttons (you can find them at HopefulHoney blog).
  • The pages are new! New contents and photos, but (so important) I've added a page about tutorials and free stuff.
  • New palette! I decided for the couple light avio blue + light cyclamen.
    Do you like it? It speakes about my personality (I'm quiet, not noisy) and my love for all is nature inspired (I was thinking about flowers and water, when I picked up them).
  • New fonts! not only Verdana, but also Copse in different "sizes" for all the titles. And la Belle Aurore in the banner, because I've used it for my shop and it works well.
  • I've learned how to center dates and titles in all posts and I love the result!
  • I've added some suggestions for further readings at the bottom of every single post thanks to Linkwithin.

How I did?
You probably know I'm not very skilled in web design and other geeky things.
But I love when I can learn new things to make by myself.
So I've read a lot (a lot!) of tutorials on line and followed them.
Simple :)

Simple doesn't mean easy.
I've had some difficulties here and there, but I succeded after some attemps.
Now I'd like to know how to add some buttons at the end of the posts (you know... for sharing the content on google+, facebook or other social medias). I can do it!

And now?
I'm going to work on content.
I have to clear my mind about what to share here in my blog.
I can't simply think to speak about me and my creative journey when I have something interesting (in my opinion) to say.
It doesn't work.
I'd like this blog will be useful to other people.

What do you think? Your opinion is very welcome!
Please, let me know if you like the new look of the blog! Your opinion is very important to me!
You can write a comment also to leave a critique (negative, too, it's not a problem) or suggestions and new ideas!
Your comments are fuel for this blog!


  1. I think it looks lovely, and I really like your sub-header about rural life and eco friendly creating, that sound very timely and neat. I hope the new blog format will fuel you up and make blogging fun again!

    Be well!

    1. Thank you Hanna!
      I'm glad you like my blog's new look! :)
      Probably I need some more time to re-start blogging, but the idea sounds good to me! :)


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