Saturday, 18 June 2016

A place for my pens! [Recycling + crocheting]

recycled projects reuse glass bottles

Oh, yes, of course, I'm still alive!
I had a lot do far for the blog and also my crafty life is a bit neglected right now, but all is ok. 
I'm fine, I'm happy, I'm still walking in my self-expressione journey!

I'm dedicating myself to some quick and easy projects these days.
A lot of crocheting involved in them!

Mum visited me in the first days of april and crocheted some Moleskine covers and pencil cases for my shop and I've completed them with fabric, zippers and/or buttons (if you are curious... peach Moleskine case with floral flap - red Moleskine cover with gingham flap - red pencil case).

crocheted ideas accessories

But I was also feeling the urge to crochet something by myself (I looooove to crochet!!! So relaxing!) and I decided to make something useful for my bedside table, always covered by my things (do you remember it in 2012?).

This is what I did:
  • saved from the trash can a little glass bottle (it was for black pepper and I like its shape) 
  • removed the plastic dispenser from the top
  • washed
  • covered with three stripes of crocheted yarn in colors I like

a place for pens on bedside table

Ta-daaa, finished!

Now the pens I use to write with while I'm in bed have a nice place where to stay! Nothing so important, but pretty!
You know, I like covered bottles!

I also finished some sewing projects recently.
The only one I've photographed is the bag I've made for Vera's birthday!

tote bag made of Ikea fabrics

Vera bought two of my bags in the past, the sand tulip bag (pattern by me, altered a bit) and the grey tote (designed by me on her needs).
She liked my work so much, that her boyfriend decided to order me another one, totally new, designed by me.
He was in love with two Ikea fabrics, so I mixed them to make something unique for my sweet friend. 
I know she appreciated; this is the most important part of my work :)

*     *     *

Bags are not quick and easy projects like covering a tiny bottle, but I enjoy a lot the process.
I have a long list (in my brain) of new bags to make soon, mostly using recycled fabrics. And of course I want to sew other bags like the one I've made for Vera, because I like the result and having a new pattern designed by yourself, you know, is amazing! :)

But I still need some quick and easy to fill those 15 minutes I have here and then in my busy days.
Probably I'm going to find new projects in my Pinterest boards "things to try" and "inspirations".

But first I'd like to hear from you: what do you make/do if you have no time for big projects, but feel the urge to create?


  1. Love how cute that little spice jar is!

    1. oh, yes, it has a so cute shape that I couldn't throw it away!


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