Friday, 7 August 2015

Black and charcoal: new accessories for the shop!

Recently I worked a lot with black and charcoal fabrics (+ light grey) and made new accessories for the shop! 
Not very summery colours, but probably perfect for autumn (it is very close, although here in Sicily we are having super hot summer days).

I was in the mood for sewing with some leftovers from this bag I made last March for my friends Vera [**] and also with some scraps of a beautiful Ikea fabric (colorful nature elements on black background... lovely!) [*].

I started from a tote bag, altering a bit a pattern I drew by myself two years ago. I decided to add a recessed zipper instead of placing it on top (I'm totally in this kind of zippered closure this summer!); I've also opted for a wider pocket (thanks to darts on the corners).
This is the finished bag:

Grey shoulder bag made of fabric with leaves for autumn
Pocket on a tote bag
recessed zipper in a tote bag by MadameRenard inner zipper

More technical infos here.

You know that I like to make small things, so I used the same fabrics for a small crossbody bag, too.

small grey clutch with leaves

Also this design is 100% by me. I've drawn the pattern for this bag three years ago and used different times with satisfaction.
I like the dimensions if the finished bag and the inner space, but also some details like the closure and the contrasting flap:

small bag - snap for bags closures
Darts to add inner space to a bag

I couldn't resist and I decide to make a wallet to match with these bags!
Do you like it?

wallet with leaves
Pockets of a fabric wallet by MadameRenard

I've already written about my passion for making this kind of accessories!
All my wallets have two pockets for cards and paper money and one pocket (closed by velcro or a zipper) for coins. They often have a little strip of recycled leather for closure, as in the case of this grey wallet and of the following one, the black floral wallet:

Fabric wallet in black with flowers and birds
eco-friendly materials for a beautiful fabric wallet

Love the stylized flowers and the little bird on top :)
The light blue inner pockets are made of leftovers of a beautiful eco-friendly fabric (organic linen + bamboo), given to me by Manuela, the owner of Retro eco à porter, an italian organic line of clothes (you can see the fabric "in action" on her Malva top).

While making the wallet I cut the fabric for a Moleskine cahier cover, too.

Moleskine cahier cover pocket size made of black fabrics
Moleskine cover with flowers

It matches perfectly with other two accessories I've made in the past with this fabric and still available in the shop: a pencil case and a little pouch. They both are zippered and have recycled leather bottoms.

I'm very happy with these new items!
I don't use very often this kind of tones in my creations. I used to think that grey and black are boring, but I was wrong. They are very elegant and modern, expecially if you mix them with other colours.

Let me know which item among these is your favourite :)

[*] I can't find this beautiful fabric in italian Ikea shops anymore. I'm looking for it on-line, but I even don't know its name; if you know it, please, write it in the comments!

[**] I wasn't tired after all this sewing  and made a second bag for Vera: a tulip bag with a side band to increase to inner space. Very summery bag, thanks of its light sand fabric!
And now... rest time! :)


  1. Bellissime queste borse! Mi hai fatto venire voglia di cucirne una ;-)

    1. Grazie!
      Beh, ho visto il tuo blog e penso tu sia capacissima di farle!
      purtroppo non ho cartamodelli pronti da condividere con te, ma posso dirti che le istruzioni per la zip interna e la tasca le trovi sul libro "the bag making bible" (ho visto che ce l'hai anche tu). per la borsa piccola puoi disegnarti tu il modelli partendo da una semplice clutch come la Glenda clutch, modificando un po' le proporzioni.
      buon cucito :)

  2. Love all your beautiful bags and the wallets Silvia! Great color choices and beautifully executed. Seeing these finished makes me want to take out my sewing machine and fabric and go, go, go! I hope they sell well, and that you're enjoying the last bit of summer.

    Don't know the name of the fabric, but will look for it in flea markets here in Sweden for you though.

    1. Go, Hanna, go! Your sewing machine is waiting for you :)

      Thank you for your offer about the fabric!!!
      Of course I'll pay you the fabric and the shipment to Italy!


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