Thursday, 27 August 2015

Late summer post

Hello, my friends! How are you?
I hope these late summer days are going great for you!
Although we are still having very sunny days and high temperatures here in Sicily, days and nights are warmer. 
I like the atmosphere of this period of the year, probably one of my favourite (together with april month).

We are going to celebrate a special birthday day for S. with an amazing gift (for both of us): 7 days of journey in Ireland! I'm so excited, I can't wait to be there!!! I wrote some weeks ago about my need for adventure and wild life in nature and I think that some days along wild atlantic way will work very well for my soul!

I've recently spent also some days in northern Italy at mum's home. Nothing special to say about this short vacation, this time. It was different from last year and I have no snapshots to show you. 
But of course I had some quiet days with family and friends and this is good. Very good.
Mum and I worked a lot with cornstarch clay. Mum is an artist with this material. She learned how to make roses and other flowers and also started to make tons of earrings with my help.
Here is a photo of some of them (those I've picked up for me and my relatives here in Sicily):

Making them with mum was very funny.
I'm not very creative in this period and they helped me staying connected with using the hands for making things.

I have a lot of new ideas for the shop, for new things to sew for me, for my career. But all is saved for the second half of september. Now I'm going to book a room in a lovely b&b in Ireland :)

So you soon!!!

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