Saturday, 11 July 2015

My embroidered fox as a work of art

I wrote a long summer list of things to do at the beginning of June and I wrote the word "done!" beside a lot of my aims this week. 
Very proud of my self and my productivity!
The funniest thing in the list was to give a purpose to a little work of cross stitch I finished last year: it's a  fox face, important for me because foxes are a sort of totem for me.

I could make a soft key-chain, like I did with other little squares of embroidered fabric (here the tutorial, if you're interested), but I was in the mood for something different: my will was to transform that little piece of embroidery in a work of art, something I can display in my studio and see everyday.

I'm going to write something about the process soon (I've taken a lot of snapshots while working on this projects that I can write a tutorial), but today I'm showing you how cute my fox is.

cross stitched fox

I've arranged it on a square of recycled carboard and finished the back with a square of red faux felt. Then I added a cord to hang it on my studio's walls, but I decided soon to like best a different solution: I found the way to make it stand-up on one of my bookcase's shelves, near Carina and Lucia.

how to frame embroidery

This isn't the only one fox who lives in this part of the home, because there is also Felix the fox paper doll near the door!
Love this tiny piece of art in my studio! :)

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