Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A parade of handmade spring/summer tops!

This summer I'm not working only on bags and other accessories to improve my shop's offer!
Since it's summer I'm into tops making! :)
I really like to make fresh and comfortable t-shirts and tops using knit fabrics and cotton jersey (I usually buy them at our outdoor market and are very cheap - they are leftovers - but high in quality).

I have three of these handamade spring/summer tops to show you today.

The stripes + flowers top

striped and floral top

A very simple design. It's a self-drafted top, t-shaped, without sewn sleeves, but with a curved hem on the bottom.

curved hem top

The things I like about this top is that it's very fresh and soft and it has some of my favourite peculiarities for clothes: the colours (blue and white!), the stripes, the floral pattern (climbing my left side)! :)

I sent these snapshots to my mum and she said she liked it very much!
The inspiration for this top came from this pin: I realized I could place the floral part of the fabric on one side, to create a lovely asymmetrical look.

The grey petal sleeves t-shirt

Some weeks ago I finished a more complex top: one in grey with petal sleeves and mother-of-pearls bottons.

how to make petal sleeves

how to make petal sleeves

I learned how to modify a basic t-shirt pattern to make a petal sleeve thanks to some tutorials I've pinned in my Pinterest board about "sewing clothes" (this one for example).
I've altered the pattern I've previously used for this cardigan and the work has been simple. 
But I'm not 100% satisfied about the final result, I see too much folds here and there and the t-shirt is not so good on my body shape :(

how to make petal sleeves

However, I'm going to try again, because I'm in love with petal sleeves!

The knotted blouse
There another thing I like when I make/buy tops, t-shirts or blouses: knotted necklines! I'm a bit obsessed.

So this spring (in april) I decided to make a blouse of this kind.
I have only one photo of me wearing it, because now it's too hot (july!!!) to take other images of me with a long sleeved blouse!

how to add a knotted neckline

To make the blouse I've altered this pattern (yes, again!) and self-drafted the neck band.
I think I made a good work!

Since I'm obsessed by knots, I'm going to make other blouses with this caractheristic: I'd like to test the "Mimosa blouse" pattern by SBCC: it's a .pdf pattern for a t-shirt with raglan sleeves (love it!) and a flat knot. I like it because it's sporty and feminine at the same time!
If you like knotted blouses, but you are looking for something more elegant the Lottie blouse (free pattern!) is for you!

Some notes
If you have suggestions about handmade spring/summer tops (or want to share with me the tops you've made), please, leave a comment!
If you're looking for some inspirations, you can take a glance into my Pinterest board about sewing clothes.
Speaking about my future projects... I'd like to go on with asymmetry making something like this or this. But also the Harper blouse (free pattern!) by Spit Up & Stilettos is a good choice for my body shape (I'm a curvy hourglass).

Hope I've inspired you to make some summer tops for you! :)

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