Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to display little embroidered works (the not professional way)

In my latest post I wrote about the fact I've decided to display my little embroidered fox and showed you the result.
While working on this project I've taken some snapshots of the process. What do you think about converting the whole bunch in a sort of tutorial?
Great idea, I know :P

I'm calling it "How to display little embroidery projects". It's not a professional way to display or frame pieces of embroidery. Only my way.
Hope it will inspire you to pull out the drawer some unfinished embroidery projects (I'm sure they are lovely) and display them in your home.
I think it can be a smart idea to give a new life to some old/vintage pieces of fabrics.
What I like of this process is that glues are not included. Only fabric, felt, needles, thread and recycled cardboard!

Let's go!

framed cross stitch works

First thing to do: cut a recycled cardboard and round the corners (it will help to get a finer result). The cardboard has to be a bit smaller that the piece of embroidery you are working with, of course.

cross stitch fox framed

Second step: place the carboard on the back of the fabric and fold each corner in the way you can see in the photo-collage below.
Help the fabric and the corners to stay in their place with some hand-stitching. You can notice that I've connected the opposite sides of the folded fabric with some long stitches. This trick made on the back helps to have a tight effect on the front.

embroidered fox in a frame

Step 3: cut a square of felt (synthetic in my project) and decorate it (optional; I've embroidered '2013', because I was sure I've completed my fox two years ago, but I was wrong).
Fix the square with some stitches made by hands. I suggest to use blanket stitch (love its delicate look), but you can use different methods if you prefer.

madamerenard tutorial

Step 4: it's time to hang up your work of art. Simply fix a little noos on the back and find a nail on the wall.

adding a noos to the  back of a fabric card

But if you (like me) are in the mood for arranging it on a shelf you can alter the shape of a paper clip and insert it between the felt cloth and the cardboard. It will do the work of a frame foot.
Interesting, uh?

tutorial by madamerenard

Love to have my fox in my studio's bookcase :)

cross stitch fox

Other methods to display or frame embroidery used by other people (but a bi tmore expensive than mine):

Let me know if you like this tutorial and share with me your embroidery masterpieces leaving a comment!

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