Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ready to restart

I'm here again after more than two months of no blogging!
I'm fine! The reason why I've abandoned this lovely (to me) place is that I worked a lot. I had two jobs as a teacher in two different schools and I've been quite busy. I've also spent a lot of free time with family and friends and worked on some issues at home. A very busy and happy time.

But summer is here, I haven't a job now and I'm ready to restart sewing and blogging (and drawing, writing, taking photos... all things that are part of my creative journey).

Yesterday I took some snapshots of my sewing table covered by the new things I'm working on: some crochet+fabric bags and purses.

making handmade bags and purses

They all will be in cream and made of a mix of crocheted cotton and fabric parts.
During her last visit here in Sicily, AuntFran help me in finish some crocheted bag's bottom and other things (like this bracelet) and now I'm adding the fabric to it.

I've bought some supplies in a local shop and I received that beautiful paper bag by the famous brand Gutermann. It had different vintage images of seamstresses at work on both sides. So lovely!

I liked so much those images that I've glued them on two blank pages of my Moleskine.

I've completed a bag last week, too!
It's for mum! 

She crocheted the whole bag (love those flowers!) and gave it to me to add a fabric lining.
I decided to sew a recessed zipper to make the bag safer:

diy recessed zipper

This is one of the way recessed zippers can be fixed into a bag. I can say it's not difficult at all, now that I've tested it, so I think I'm going to add this kind of closures to all my next bags, eh eh!

I have a lot of things to tell you about new supplies I received and about my sewing projects for summer. But this is not the time for it! I'm studying some historical notes about the village of Savoca, Sicily, because I have to work as tourist guide there next week!

See you soon!!!

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