Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sicilian spring

Sicilian sunny spring is here!
Mount Etna is still covered by snow and smoking, but the sky is blue blue blue and the fields are green and yellow.
So many yellow flowers everywhere!

They are the home of tiny snails sometimes!

Animals are happy and needs some snuggles.

Others give birth to their children, because spring is the time for love and new families.

April is probably my favourite month.
I'm happy to be and april girl. I'm turning 38 the next week (on wednesdey) and I hope the day will be sunny and warm.

I work at school as a teacher everyday. I teach italian, history and geography (+ legislation of tourism some afternoons).
I'm busy and often tired, so I'm neglecting a bit this blog and my creative journey (my list of things to try is growing, waiting for some free time).
But I'm still taking pictures to document my life.

I reach my school by feet and I'm noticing here and there some wild flowers I like. They are very small but strong. Some of them look like orchids.

My life is full of beautiful things and today I can't resist in show you some of them.

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Happy birthday in advance - I hope you have a beeeeutiful year ahead!

  2. Such sweet sunny photos! I love your dog and goat with babies. I hope you have lots of sunshine in the weeks ahead. Its raining here in Colorado but that means lots of spring flowers like lilac and iris. Hopefully the sun will appear tomorrow.


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