Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Tutorial: make a soft keychain! (embroidered or not)

sewing tutorial for beginners - DIY keychain

If you liked my soft+embroidered keychains, you probably would like to make one for yourself instead of buying it.
So I decided to collect in a (sort of) tutorial all the photos I've taken while making the blue deer keychain.

It's a super easy and short project:
- you don't have to use an embroidered front panel if you can't embroidery: you can simply sew together two squares of fabric of your choice
- you can make these keychains even if you don't own a sewing machine: you can sew by hands, it will take short time because they are very small
This projects is for beginners, too! You don't need complex sewing skills, but only a few basic notions!

Make with me a soft stuffed keychain!


- two fabric squares (one of them is embroidered, if you want) - cm 6,5 x 6,5 (approx. in. 2.5x2.5)
- scissors
- sewing thread
- cord (mine is recycled) - cm 8 long (approx. in. 3.5)
- pins and needles
- stuffing fibers (I use polyfill, synthetic)
- fliseline or other kinds of fusible interfacing (optional)


If your fabric is lightweight, my suggestion is to strenghten it by ironing on the back a thin sheet of fliseline. It will help also your embroidery to stay in its place. I usually do it for all the embroidery projects I want to sew.
This is an optional step. You can jump it if your fabric is strong enough.

Fold the cord in two and fix the extremities with some hand-stitches.

Then place it on the half point of the top side and fix with a little seam near the perimeter.

Place your fabric squares, fix with pins and sew.

Don't forget to leave a little segment open!

My suggestion is to make rounded corners: they come out better when you stuff squares or rectangles.

Drawing a sewing line can help in making a precise seam, expecially when the thing you are sewing is small.

Be carefull! Don't sew the cord!


The cord, hidden inside, will help you in turning the square inside out. 
A scissor or a pen is helpful for pushing out the corners and the sides. 
When the shape satisfies you, stuff the square with a good amount of stuffing fibers.


With some invisible stitches, made by hands, close the hole.
Invisible stitches are not difficult; they are called "blind stitches", too.
You can find lot of tutorials on line: here a good one!

This is how your stuffed square will look:

Add a metallic ring and your keys! :)
Your keychain is finished!

sewing tutorials

And now that you know how to make a stuffed keychain... dont' stop!
You can make others for you friends and relatives (or buy mine in my shop).

sewing tutorial for beginners: embroidered soft keychain

Let me know if this tutorial is useful! Your feedback is important to me.
If you have realized a stuffed keychain following my instructions, leave a link in the comments, so I can see it! :)

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