Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter in bloom

Hope you've enjoyed Easter like me!
I had sun, deep blue sky, warm wind, tasty food, family time (oh, the kids!!!) , some good news (a little cousin is on the road) and flowers everywhere!

I've started to take snaps of the flowers we have in our garden on saturday (the sky was cloudy, so perfect for good photography!) and haven't stopped yet.

This is a little selection of my favourite.

[purple tulips! what a surprise!]

[the elegance of calla lilies (we have 20 of them) + the rustic simplicity of wild hyacinths]

[yellow daffodils on our balcony... they smell so good!]

[the big red tulip]

Of course we are sorrounded by a lot of species of little wild flowers, too! 
I can enjoy their company while walking to work everyday.

I love this season for the flowers!
I can remember my dad picking up a big bunch of fresh flowers of our garden every saturday for mum in spring. A sweet memory.

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