Wednesday, 1 April 2015

5 Pinterest boards to follow: Making toys

It's April!!! :)
April is my month! 
I'll turn 38 at the end of this month. 
I'm very happy to be an april girl, because I love this period of the year and particularly these 30 days of spring, warm air, bees, flowers and butterflies!

April is often the month when we celebrate Easter, like it's happening this year. And Easter is very good to make some bunnies for home decor or to give as a gift. If you have some free time for sewing, you can try to make a simple soft bunny using my template and following my photographic "how to".

But if you're looking for other inspirations about toys making, I'm collecting in this post 5 Pinterest boards about this subject.
Not only sewing projects, but also toys made of paper, wood, wool and other materials. 
I love the idea to make toys by myself, both sewn and crocheted.
Since I'm mad for Pinterest, I have my board about DIY toys: you can find it here.

5 amazing Pinterest boards about making toys

1) Plush and doll, by Valentina Debbi
A very cute collection of stuffed and soft carachters to be inspired by.

2) Necessary cuteness (love this title!), by Sharon Rohloff
Super cute animals to love and take care of (Sharon's creatures included).

3) Recycled DIY toys, by Mammabook
An amazing parade of recycled projects to make with (or for) your kids. Cheap and funny!

4) Paper dolls, by Barb Braddy Henderson
Do you like paper dolls? This board is for you (and me, too!)

5) Craft Ideas softies, by Ihanna
Cats, bunnies, owls and... so much more!

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  1. April is my favorite too, I'll be one year older soon too! Will check out the boards. Happy Easter!


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