Thursday, 26 March 2015

Little embroidery projects: keychains!

I like little embroidery projects.
Something I can finish in less than one hour, watching tv after dinner or taking advantage of some little free time among my daily activities.
They please me and help me in staying creative also in busy periods of my life (I've recently found two new jobs).

You've probably noticed that my favourite themes for my embroidery projects are animals and plants, little landscapes with flowers and butterflies I draw by myself on the fabric. But I also like to work with simple cross stitch patterns, expecially when they are for animals' silhouettes.

You can find all these things in the new embroidered keychains I've added to my shop. All are slightly stuffed and have some upcycled materials in them.
Three are squared and have cross stitch animals (a fox, a pink rabbit, a deer) with a contrasting fabric on the back.
Three are circular, made of synthetic felt, with animals (hedgehog!) and plants, 100% made by hands (no sewin machine involved).

embroidered keychains with animals

embroidered landscape on felt keychains

Making them was very funny!
I don't remember how the idea to make embroidered keychains came to me. One day I started to make them, following a sort of creative instinct.

They make a little pile of eye candies on my desk now! :)

Here is a collage with all my embroidered keychains together:

Do you like them?

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