Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 Pinterest boards to follow: modern rustic style

Since my madness for Pinterest is growing day after day, I decided to share with you some amazing boards to follow. 
Beauty and great ideas are things you can't hide, you have to show them to other people!

I've grouped the boards I like into some themes and today I'm suggesting you 5 of them about modern rustic style.

It's a style I really like, I feel like it's for me.
It speaks about nature, simple life and pleasures, animal and plants, life outdoor, wood and natural materials and textures, pale colours with some bright accents now and then, minimalist decorations, love for traditional shapes.
I think it's my style.
Modern rustic is not country, shabby or retro. It's all about a simple rural life  and about enjoying the simple things Mother Nature offers us.

I'm collecting inspirations about this style in my Pinterest board "Rustic+romantic":

modern rustic inspirations on pinterest

If you like this style and you are finding some inspirations to give it a space in your life, take a glance to the following 5 boards.

Rustic, love it by Sara Pacciarella
Beautiful images about outdoor living, gardening, cottages, rustic home decor.

Rustic modern by Danielle Colding
Inpirations about modern rustic interior design. Love this minimal and rustic living room!

Go outside by Jenny Frith
All about spending time outdoor, in the wild nature, and enjoying it! This board remembers me how much I miss camping and other adventures I was used to in the past.

Adèle By Adreamofleaves
This board is about a woman who loves modern rustic style and uses it in her life. Clothes, jewels, furniture and more.

Modern botanics journal by Modern botanics 
Botanic inspirations for a minimalistic design.

If you have boards like these to share with me, please, leave me the link in the comments.
I'm constantly looking for some modern rustic eye candies to look at! :)

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